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I’ve finally gotten around to exploring the Corel Sketchpad program that came bundled with my Wacom tablet.  It’s got some nice features, and fairly realistically replicates mediums like pencil, pen, brush and ink, charcoal and oil painting, among others.

I used to do a fair amount of oil painting when I was younger and was really intrigued to try it out in digital form with Sketchpad!  Although it’s like working in extremely wet oils all the time, and fine details are difficult to produce, the end result seems quite nice!

Here are my first four attempts at digital oil painting  (Click on image to enlarge)

I produce my initial sketch in Photoshop and then import it into Sketchpad, where I add a layer to work on and paint away!  The biggest drawback aside from Corel no longer supporting the program, is that Sketchpad crashes a lot, so work has to be saved often!


I am happy to share this exciting news!

I will be doing the cover art for the novel: The Reckoning: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser, written by my good buddy and writer extraordinaire, Randy Belaire.  This will be Randy’s second novel in this series about the Canadian pulp-hero, the first of which is The Resurgence: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser.  Visit Randy’s website for more info on this and other projects he has in the works.

In the meantime, enjoy this Shadow Chaser pin-up I did for Randy…


The Shadow Chaser

A Collection of my Batman themed artwork


Here are a couple more concept sketches for the MONSTER Home graphic novel.  The Mummy is based on the classic Karloff version and the Count Dracula piece is a refinement of a previous version.  (Click images to enlarge)


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Frankenstein commission piece.  The original black and white version, plus a variation with red background. (Click on pics to enlarge)


Classic Catwoman!

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This piece was done as a commission for a fan who loved the Golden-Age version of Catwoman.  (Click on images to enlarge).

Here’s a couple character sketches from the upcoming MONSTER Home graphic novel.  Van Helsing is based on one of my favorite actors, Cary Grant.


Van Helsing

And this version of Dracula is based on the original description of the character from the Bram Stoker novel, with a little Nosferatu thrown in.  This may not be the final version of the character though.


Count Dracula