The Phantom

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Commissions
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Being a huge fan of Lee Falk’s Phantom, I was very happy last year when I was commissioned to do a pic of the character, and I thought some might find it interesting to see the progression of the piece from rough to final art.

(Click on images to enlarge)

The first thing I did was to work out a quick layout, which I usually do as 2″ x 3″ thumbnails.  After a few different compositions, this is the one that was settled on…

Phantom LayoutThe next step was to flesh out the layout to rough pencils…

Phantom_roughAfter this was approved by the client, I proceeded straight to inks.  I enjoy drawing  elements such as foliage, so it was easy to jump into it without having to do detailed pencils first.  I started with the foreground foliage and as you can see, I made a few changes as I went along, although I retained the flow of the original composition…

PHANTOM inksWhen I got to the figure and background, I was concerned that the original concept for the background would make the pic too busy (although I’m a real detail freak)!  So I decided to simplify the background elements considerably, and to have them displayed only in tone to allow for more focus on the Phantom figure…

Phantom FinalThe original art was done at 10″ x 11″ on cold-pressed smooth finish bristol board and created with pencil, Winsor-Newton Series 7 #3 brush, Gillot 211 steel nib pen and india ink, with zipatone added later.


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