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Tiger Girl made her debut in 1944 in the Fiction House title: Fight Comics.  The original artist was Robert Webb, and other artists who rendered her over the years include Jack Kamen and Matt Baker.

Tiger Girl’s original name is Princess Vishnu, that, as well as the tiger theme and her companion, a tiger named Benzali, tie her to India — however, the jungle she lives in is usually African.  Tiger Girl has a “tiger ring”, which gives her added strength when she looks at it.

Tiger Girl was presented in Fight Comics until 1952 and then was transferred to Jungle Comics, mostly in reprints. Her last appearance was in 1954 in Jungle Comics #163.

In the late 1960s, Gold Key Comics released a title called Tiger Girl, but the only connection to the original Fiction House creation was the name.  Not protected by copyright, she has appeared in more recent times in titles produced by AC Comics.


I recently found out that a Tara the Jungle Girl story I wrote and illustrated for Bill Black and AC Comics many years ago for Good Girl Comics #18, will be reprinted in a trade paperback collection called FemForce Rarities #1!  The book will be available this month, September.  The Tara story is entitled “The Stargem” and here’s a preview page…

Tara 3

The StarGem page 3


FemForce Rarities TPB #1