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Special preview of “If You Knew Sushi,” written by Don Glut, coming up in THE CREEPS # 11…18076535_1871097966483477_7507547124535401735_o

Splash page


The Creature appears!


“What?  An underwater cave?”


The Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terror # 16 is now available and it includes “Into the Wychwood,” a story I illustrated written by the Bloke himself, horrormeister Jason Crawley.  The story was inspired somewhat by the old STRAWBS song, “Into the Witchwood.”  An intrepid crew of space explorers check out an alien planet with abundant tree growth and some very weird stuff happens!  Tomb of Terror # 16 (which also features a fantastic cover by Mike Hoffman) can be ordered direct from The Bloke @

I’ve been doing a lot of work recently for THE CREEPS magazine, a horror anthology that’s a creepy throwback to the old Warren titles, Creepy and Eerie!  It’s been fun drawing these stories and working with such master writers such as Nicola Cuti and Don Glut, among others!  Here’s a couple of splash pages from my stories appearing in THE CREEPS # 11, available now at fine comic shops and Barnes & Noble book stores everywhere!  You can also order THE CREEPS direct from


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The final color for the splash page and a teaser panel from “Night of the Thunder Lizards” , a story I’ve done with writer Martin Powell for the ONE TRIBE Anthology, a benefit graphic novel in support of First Nations’ reserve schools.


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Tomb 7 Promo

If you miss the old horror comic book anthologies like Creepy and Eerie, never fear… the “BLOKE’S TERRIBLE TOMB OF TERROR” is here!  Issue 7 features a fine cover by Mike Hoffman and 5 spine-tingling stories, photo articles and pin-ups from a talented team of creators!  My contributions to this issue include illustrating the story “Mr. Jenkins” ( see pic above) as well as a pin-up of the Bloke.

Here are links to some reviews:



And the magazine sized anthology (print version or digital) can be ordered directly from The Bloke himself here:

or from IndyPlanet:

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FRAGMENTSBack in 2010 I met a screenwriter through Facebook called Jerod Brennen.  Jerod was looking for artists to illustrate some of his short horror screenplays for an anthology comic; this was all for entry into a contest where 1st prize was the printing of the book!

I took a look at some of the available scripts Jerod had posted on his website, and one called The Guardian caught my eye!  I loved the story and I happened to have a couple weeks open in my schedule — so I contacted Jerod and expressed my interest in illustrating it.

Jerod got together another couple artists and managed to put together his horror anthology pitch — and entered the contest.  Unfortunately we didn’t win.

Fast forward almost a year later and I get an email from Jerod saying that he had found the means to publish the book after all!  I was beyond pleased with this great news as many of these indie projects never see the light of day!  A real testament to Jerod’s dogged determination!

So, sometime later this year, be watching for issue #1 of the horror anthology Fragments featuring art from yours truly, as well as Derek Stewart, Brent Bowman, & Roger Plymale, with all stories written of course, by Jerod!

In the meantime, enjoy this preview of a couple pages from The Guardian: