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Great news!  I have a new series appearing in Golden Bell’s THE SUNDAY COMICS, called EPOCH: The Rune RelicsThe Sunday Comics is a full-colour tabloid-sized comic section which echoes back to the golden age of comic strips, and EPOCH is my tribute to such strips as Flash Gordon and Terry and the PiratesEPOCH is written by master scribe, Tom Simmons!  Follow the adventures of Jason as Marla as they explore strange new worlds in their search for ancient Rune Relics!  More info on The Sunday Comics can be found at and


Very honored to be among the 100+ amazing creators lending their talents to the Winsor McCay Little Nemo tribute anthology, “Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream”!  A handsome, massive 16″x21″ 144-page full color hardcover, available now from Locust Moon Press!


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THE CAVE GIRL™ by Martin Powell and Diana Leto – An all new Romantic Adventure Every Other week!


I’ve been a big fan of Milton Caniff’s work for a long time now; enjoying his wonderful moody artwork and his colourful cast of characters.  One of his notable creations was The Dragon Lady from his strip “Terry and the Pirates”.  The character became so iconic that her name has become a term to describe a certain type of woman.

Here’s my version, both in black and white and colour…ImageImage

First comic adaptation ever… from writer Martin Powell and artist Nik Poliwko.

THE WAR CHIEF is a realistic historical novel about life and death on an Apache reservation during the final days of the Apache Wars. Decades before the movie Dances With Wolves, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ great respect for the West and his compassion for the exploitative treatment of the Native Americans at the hands of the pin-dah-lickoyee (white eyes) caused him to write a story that is an honest and sympathetic portrait of native life that does credit to both the Natives and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The story revolves around Shoz-Dijiji a.k.a. Black Bear, son of Geronimo and once known as Andy MacDuff. Adopted by Geronimo as a baby, Shoz-Dijiji is Apache in everything but blood. His life gets complicated when he is influenced by his attraction to Wichita Billings, the daughter of a wealthy white rancher.

ImageMr. Burroughs lived among the Apaches while in the US Army in 1897 while Stationed at Fort Grant in the Arizona desert. Burroughs penned a novel in vivid, realistic detail about day-to-day life on the Apache reservation. His Novel is high-level adventure during the Old West written by one who saw it with his own eyes.

Only $1.99 a month brings this western adventure and three other online weekly strips [Tarzan, Carson of Venus The Cave Girl and Eternal Savage] onto your screen.

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