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I’ve been a big fan of Milton Caniff’s work for a long time now; enjoying his wonderful moody artwork and his colourful cast of characters.  One of his notable creations was The Dragon Lady from his strip “Terry and the Pirates”.  The character became so iconic that her name has become a term to describe a certain type of woman.

Here’s my version, both in black and white and colour…ImageImage

Have a safe Holiday Season and may your Holidays be filled with peace and love for you and your family!

I am happy to share this exciting news!

I will be doing the cover art for the novel: The Reckoning: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser, written by my good buddy and writer extraordinaire, Randy Belaire.  This will be Randy’s second novel in this series about the Canadian pulp-hero, the first of which is The Resurgence: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser.  Visit Randy’s website for more info on this and other projects he has in the works.

In the meantime, enjoy this Shadow Chaser pin-up I did for Randy…


The Shadow Chaser