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Lost World 1

Since I’m working on a graphic novel based on Dick Briefer’s version of Frankenstein from the 1950s, I’ve been researching Briefer’s Frankenstein comics.   I came upon an entertaining tale called “World of Monsters” from Frankenstein #21, 1952.  In this story, Frankie stumbles across a “lost world” atop a plateau in “arid” Arizona, complete with dinosaurs and jungle girls, and that was the inspiration for the 2 pieces presented here. Click pics to enlarge!

Lost World 2



A portrait featuring a rather distinguished Monster of Frankenstein.  Digital pencils and inkwash.  Writer Martin Powell and I are bringing Dick Briefer’s THE MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN back to life in our new graphic novel, inspired by the classic non-code horror series of the 1950s.  Published by Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics in 2012.

I recently found out that a Tara the Jungle Girl story I wrote and illustrated for Bill Black and AC Comics many years ago for Good Girl Comics #18, will be reprinted in a trade paperback collection called FemForce Rarities #1!  The book will be available this month, September.  The Tara story is entitled “The Stargem” and here’s a preview page…

Tara 3

The StarGem page 3


FemForce Rarities TPB #1