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I’ve been working on a fun little project with writer Michael Leal called The Last Survivor.  We’ve been doing the story old school “Marvel-style” where Michael provided me with a page by page outline that I would interpret and draw accordingly.  Michael will be doing the captions and dialogue based on the final art.

Here’s a little peek into our work procedure with pages from Micheal’s outline and the corresponding finished artwork:

Page 1

 Bela smirking introduces the “Last Survivor”.

Boarded up house with overgrown grass.

Newspapers on table. The headlines read. “Townsfolk mutated!” “End of the world as we know it!”

 Pictures of his family.

Smashed mirrors.

The first time we see Barton he’s disheveled and waiting with a rifle at the ready.


Page 1

Page 4

He sneaks out of the stronghold with his rifle in hand.

He creeps past creatures, including a mail man, as he cuts across the street and makes his way into the alley.


Page 4

And finally, here’s a Last Survivor promo trailer:



It’s been a bad day for drawing!

One of those days where my mind has been as blank as the virtual paper in front of me!

I was looking forward to doing a lot of drawing, too.  After a forced vacation of a few days due to the heat wave, I was just chomping at the bit to get working again!  The weather has finally improved… going from a high of 118F a couple days ago to a wonderful 54F this morning; a great working temperature!  Bet you can tell I’m not a big fan of the heat!

Anyway… two pages left to draw on this Last Survivor story by Michael Leal… and I’m drawing a blank!  Always frustrating when the finish line is so close!  Not to mention that I’m trying to meet a deadline too!!

I’ve tried my motivation tricks: looking at inspiring art, chatting with a couple other artists, listening to music… meditating… but none of the wild characters and crazy monsters want to come out and play on the page right now – even though they seem to be having a hell of a time in my brain!

Well, I guess it’s time to pack it in for a bit… recharge the batteries, maybe with watching an old Tarzan movie, or better yet a Hammer flick… and give it another shot in a few hours!

Sooner or later the insane creatures that inhabit my mind will want their freedom!  And I’d better be ready to give it to them!

Last Survivor!

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Comic Books
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Last Survivor is a dark, apocalyptic story where humans have mutated into strange creatures — of course there’s a twist!!  This is a new project with writer Michael Leal, and we’re doing the “Marvel” approach where Michael has provided a page-by-page outline that I work from and then adds dialogue to the finished drawings.


Creature concept drawing

Last Survivor is part of an anthology book and will be out this fall!  More details on the book and release date when we’re able to tell you!  In the meantime, here’s a part of page 1 to whet your appetite!  (Click on pic to enlarge) .

Last Survivor

Last Survivor page 1